Vicki's encyclopedic knowledge of TWiki and her clear and concise examples were instrumental in helping our team create the Twiki application we needed.
-- a satisfied customer

Enterprise Wiki Consulting

Architecture, Best Practices, Applications, & Support

My primary experience is with Structured Enterprise Wikis: TWiki and Foswiki. I have been using TWiki since 2003 and Foswiki since 2009.

I provided corporate wiki support in two previous full time jobs

  • 2004 - 2005 -- setting up and maintaining the Engineering department web site for IronPort Systems (now part of Cisco)
  • 2006 - 2012 -- internal user support (training, answering questions, resolving trouble tickets, building applications) for the TWiki users at Yahoo!
and now offer freelance consulting services. Please take a look at some of the feedback I have received from former clients

I can help with:

  • design, architecture, and layout
  • improvements in navigation and search
  • organization, indexing, and curation of documentation
  • guidelines and best practices recommendations
  • workflow automation and improvements
  • on-line tutorials and how-to documentation
  • training and user support
  • application development, e.g. custom knowledge base or project management tools
  • using your wiki more effectively and productively
  • I particularly enjoy organizing a wiki site to improve workflow, productivity, and access to information.

    Platform & Installation

    I apologize for any inconvenience it causes, but I do not use Windows.
    If your wiki is installed on a Windows server, I will be able to providee some assistance via the front end; however I can only provide server-side recommendations for *nix-based systems (e.g. Linux, Mac OS X, BSD).

    In addition, while I am happy to consult with your system administrator, I do not offer installation or back-end administration services myself. I strongly recommend that you have an on-site sysadmin who understands how to manage user accounts, Apache config files, backups, disk space, Perl module installation, etc. If you don't have a sysadmin, I can point you to other consultants who may be willing to help you with installing and setting up TWiki or Foswiki on your system.

    My Wiki

    My personal Foswiki installation can be seen at I also have a running TWiki; however, it is accessible externally only by special permission.