Vicki Brown

I am a senior information technologist — programmer, writer, editor, web weaver, and trainer — with a passion for process and quality. I excel at problem analysis and documentation, solution design and specification, wiki architecture, technical editing, critical reading, and strategy.

I have a rather eclectic resume, the result of an eclectic career that has ranged from software development (Perl, shell, C) to system administration (Unix and Mac), from technical writing and editing to web development, from project management to wiki support and training.

My current interests lie in Information Architecture and Management. I am particularly interested in collaborative solutions and in finding ways to improve and facilitate internal communication. I believe that good communication is critical to a company's well-being. I'm at my best when I'm working for people who say "I need..." or "I want..." or "It would be great if we had...".

I Am a Programmer

I took my first programming course in 1976. My Masters thesis, a statistical analysis of the effect of sewage contamination on marine bacteria, included programs written in awk and sed (which were later converted to FORTRAN!). I have been programming professionally since 1984.

I excel at problem solving and strategy, process creation and improvement, mechanization, and automation. My specialty is data flow programming and the creation of specialized data filters and tools. My languages of choice are higher-level interpreted languages such as Perl. My preferred venue is front-end web development.

I Am a Writer

Although much of my career has been in software development, I'm as good (sometimes better) at writing text as code. I am skilled at writing anything from web content to manuals, from tutorials to books. I excel at creating new docs, proofreading and reviewing existing docs, editing, and revising.

My specialty is internal technical documentation where my experience in software development can come into play. I enjoy working on process documentation, design specifications, architectural overviews, how-tos, and tutorials.

I Am Passionate About Psychological Type

I was first introduced to Psychological Type in 1993 and have been reading and learning more about it ever since. In 2014, I took the requisite training and was certified to administer and debrief the MBTI® instrument.

My study of Type has taught me that we can learn why other people don't think and act the way we do. When we add knowledge of Type to our internal toolboxes, we can improve our ability to communicate with those people and bring better understanding and control to our roles in projects and conversations.

I like to help

I apply my experience in software engineering and web technology with my skills at problem solving, technical writing, and training, to enhance productivity through improvements in communication. I facilitate the process. I help other people communicate.

I excel at extracting information from the minds of knowledge experts. I ask questions, teasing out information, and turning what I learn into written words. I probe. I find the missing pieces.

How can I help you?


My hobbies include include reading, writing, social media, tinkering with web pages, and increasing my understanding of Psychological Type.

You can learn more about me from my LinkedIn profile and my weblog entries.