Teaching is a skill not everyone has.
-- a satisfied customer

Teaching and Tutoring

Elementary through High School

Substitute Teaching

After considering the possibility for a number of years, I took the CBEST and got my Substitute Teaching permit in the Fall of 2016. I am currently registered in three school districts (the city I live in and two contiguous cities), with a combined total of two dozen possible schools. I enjoy the "teach many subjects" aspect of elementary schools as much as the "teach the same thing several times" opportunities provided by middle school classes.

I have always loved Language Arts and Science, so I expected to be particularly interested in those subjects going in. One thing I had not expected, however, was to discover how much I actually enjoy Math, at least elementary school through middle school Math. I have discovered that I'm good at math and I enjoy teaching it.

I'm not signing up to sub for Special Educatiion, PE, or music teachers and I'm unlikely to accept assignments to sub for social studies above 7th grade. I'm also not looking for assignments with kindergarten or first grade classes, although I occasionally sub briefly for first grade in a "roving" capacity.


Elementary and Middle School Math

Math wasn't my strongest subject when I was in school. It didn't "click" for me until 8th grade. But after that, I understood math and did well. I was surprised to discover, when I started substitute teaching, how much I like to teach math.

I enjoy helping students to understand basic math concepts - multiplication, division, areas, ratios, percentages - as well as prealgebra and algebra. I think my earlier years of struggle help me to understand the struggles today's students may have.

I especially like helping students to tackle problems, recognize patterns, and understand what went wrong if they make a mistake so they don't make that mistake again. I love seeing their eyes light up and hearing "Oh! So that's how it works! Watching a student "get it" is great! Hearing them say "thank you" and knowing I made a difference is awesome.

Are you in elementary school (3rd - 5th grade) or middle school (6th or 7th grade)? Do you want to understand your school work, do your homework more easily, have more time for other activities, and improve your grades? Do you need help in math?

I can help you if you want to be better at math. I can even help you to understand math if you don't like it very much. I can definitely show you how to do some amazing math stuff!

Elementary and Middle School Language Arts

I have always loved reading, writing, and vocabulary. These three language arts build upon each other. They say that people are judged by the words they use. The more you read, the better your vocabulary will become. The more you read and build your vocabulary, the better your writing will be.

I can help.

Send me email. Let's talk.