Effective Use of Social Media

(Image credit: Allan Näslund "Here Be Dragons" 2010) (source)

Does navigating the World Wide Web feel like navigating uncharted waters, back before much of the world was yet to be explored?

I can help.

I've been online since before email had @ signs! We used a social media platform called Usenet.

These days, I'm a frequent user of

an occasional user of several others (e.g. ello, Tumblr), and a blogger (I use Typepad, but have experience with Wordpress and Blogger as well.)

I would be happy to help you create an account and get started using any of these platforms. I have also created a Social Media Introduction slideshow presentation, which you are welcome to run for yourself.

If you've been thinking of creating a website, I recommend you start with social media platforms and a facebook page. I've written a post, Do You Need a Website?, that discusses the pros and cons of building your own website.