Vicki's willingness to take on both small and large projects, and hammer them out with great pace and precision kept both me and my team both on task and time. ... she was the one "Swiss Army Knife" that the company utilized every day."
-- a satisfied customer

Data Science & Programming

Investigation, Cleanup, Wrangling,
Processing, Analysis, Visualization

I've read that 80% of Data Science involves cleaning and wrangling data. I've also read that most people don't consider this to be the "fun" part of Data Science.

I am not most people. I enjoy wrangling data, munging data, filtering data, finding the messy parts and fixing them.

My very first data wrangling project was for my Master's Thesis. The rest of the team grew bacterial cultures, submitting them to antibiotics and toxic chemicals, and collecting data. I took that data, reformatted it, ran it through statistical programs, and gave back results. Together, we wrote a paper.

I've enjoyed working with data ever since that project.

  • At several Biotech firms, I've written programs, in awk, sed, C, and Perl, to wrangle and filter biological data.
  • At Apple, I created a database of metadata for each file in our A/UX product, as well as a program that could check all files against those initial characteristics to determine if anything had changed.
  • At BGI, I wrote a set of programs to review, organize, and consolidate financial data from multiple sources and formats, loading it into a single database with one common schema.
  • At Yahoo!, I wrote TWiki applications that handled project status and documentation meta data, making entry, maintenance, and lookup easier.

When I was starting out, I coded mostly in awk and C. Over time, I switched to Perl. In June, 2019, I enrolled in a Data Science course to improve my knowledge and expertise in Python, statistics, data analysis, and visualization techniques. I can now leverage my expertise in pattern recognition, regular expressions, programming, and data filters using Python's data-oriented libraries ( pandas, matplotlib, etc).

Now, I'm looking for interesting contract / remote positions as a data wrangler in the Bay Area.

If you need what I can offer, please contact me. I would love to help.

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