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Project Examples

I have experience with creating, revising, updating, and editing new or existing documents of various forms, including expertise in editing written information from engineers. Some of the material was originally written by engineers; it was my job to collate and rewrite that existing material, as well as to interview engineers, and add new material.

For the examples below, unless noted otherwise, everything is "new writing" and everything was written by me unless specified otherwise.

A note on working with editors: From 1999 to 2000, I worked in Apple's Technical Publications team, writing for various projects; my two major projects were published as books. Apple's Technical Publications team includes an editor. Thus, there were some changes made between my original text and final publication. The changes, however, were minor.

A few of the magazine articles I have written were also edited slightly before publication. Many, however, were not. MacTech, in particular, appears to consider all copy to be "camera ready".

The Perl book, MacPerl Power and Ease underwent comprehensive peer review and editing. The chapter for the IronPort User (Admin) Guide underwent peer review, editng, and final formatting by the IronPort publications team.

How-tos and Tutorials

I have written and edited numerous how-to's and short tutorials. Many of these were written while I was employed at former companies; I do not retain copies of those documents.

However, you may be interested in some of the wiki tutorial pages I have developed. These can be found in my wiki Help web.

I have also written how-to documents and tutorials on my own time for my own use. These have been posted in the event that others may find them to be of value.

Engineering Specs and Administrator Guides

Part of my job at IronPort Systems was to review, revise, and edit engineering design specs. Much of the information in these docs was extracted from notes, code comments, and README files written by engineers. I collated, edited, and organized the information, then created the final document.

Also while I was at IronPort Systems, I was asked to write a chapter for the IronPort Administrator's Guide. IronPort produces an "email appliance". Their users are network and mail administrators. A pre-release copy of that chapter is available to view.

Published Work

I am a co-author of "MacPerl Power and Ease", an introductory book on the Perl language. I wrote all of chapter 4 (in Part I) as well as most of Part II (Learning the Language) and Part IV (Reference).

As a senior technical writer in Apple's technical Publications team, I wrote a developer guide, "Inside Mac OS X: Kernel Environment". The guide was published in limited edition book form A PDF copy has been posted online at KernelEnvironment.pdf.

I have written technical articles for online and print journals. Unless noted on the page as co-authored, these all represent "new material". Links to many of these articles are here.

Personal Writing

I have written a large number of essays and articles of various forms, including personal commentary, book and software reviews, etc. These can be found in my weblog, commentary.

Site Architecture

  • Project Tracking application - My presentation for the Silicon Valley TWiki User Meetup Event, Fall 2007.

  • CAB site
    This site was created for a Customer Advisory Board two-day meeting at a previous company.