Vicki is the kind of person who "hears" what it is you are saying, and then gives you what you want, which may not be exactly what you asked for -- but much better!
- a satisfied customer

Better Documentation Can Improve Productivity

My passion is to help others to be more productive. My concentration is on projects that will directly help employees within an organization access the information needed to do their jobs. My focus is more toward solving a problem than writing a program, although I often write programs to solve problems!

I love solving small, immediate problems, writing how-tos and internal user (or admin) guides, providing training and answering questions. I enjoy cleaning up and curating large masses of documentation! I am particularly interested in organizing and improving Intranet documentation and wiki content.

The best feedback I ever received from a happy client says it all: "I didn't get what I asked for exactly -- I got what I *really* wanted."

Another client told me: "You solve problems in a way that meets peoples' needs, and work with them to provide tools that enable them to do their work well."

When someone tells me that, I know I succeeded in doing what I set out to do.

If you need what I can offer, please contact me. I would love to help.

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