Content Management and Documentation:
Some of the Feedback I Have Received

Vicki is a talented writer, a detailed editor, and a thorough tester. It is unusual to find someone who has the technical background as a programmer, who enjoys testing and documenting. Vicki has a particular talent here...

Vicki Brown is great to work with. She's expedient and thorough. No need to over-explain our objectives, she sees what needs to be done and dives in to edit, organize and improve your documents. She gets back to you quickly and exceeds timeline expectations for finished work. I highly recommend her. ... She'll take that heavy weight off your shoulders so you can breath easier and concentrate on what you do best!

I highly recommend Vicki as she is a significantly talented editor and extremely wonderful to work with. The depth of her skills in finding everything literal and technical, and so much more, puts her in the Rolls Royce caliber of editors. I was against the crunch time clock in getting the advanced reader copy of my book back to the publisher with final edits when I met Vicki. She saved me as she helped identify and make critical corrections while also guiding me where I had choices of whether or not to make a change. Vicki knew what I needed to do and helped me get there.

Vicki listens to everything and documents the message! She goes above and beyond - asking appropriate questions, offering suggestions, easy to work with, never complains about the non-stop changes, understands me when I am skipping from subject to subject and just puts it all together. Vicki responds quickly and is available for meetings as needed.

Vicki is an exceptional technologist with a firm grasp of the combination of programming and process management required to turn a disparate group of engineers into a streamlined machine. I've never worked with anyone before who has her intuition for improving internal processes and documentation, or who accomplishes so much for the teams she works with. Working with her led me to my belief that the best way to create documentation is to remove the need for it in the first place, but where necessary, focus on documenting the underlying truths that won't change. I would welcome and even cheer any opportunity to work with Vicki again; she is sorely missed by her peers.

I've been using your documentation re Twikis at Yahoo and I just wanna say, "Thank you!" Thanks for all your help articles - they are invaluable for a beginner like me.

Vicki writes well, organizes information effectively, and has a personal interest in tools that can increase the communication within a technical group. She has often suggested new ways of organizing and making available existing documentation or ideas related to better ways to make the information-heavy processes (such as the spec writing, reviewing, and sign-off process) operate in the future.

As usual, Vicki has been exceptionally helpful and informative while I am pestering her with questions in order to make my ... documentation better. She's always answering with what I want, vs. what I ask for (and only think I want).

During the crunch time to get the ... content up, Vicki was professional, responsive and went the extra mile. It is a relief to work with her, because I know I can rely on Vicki to come through....

Vicki works extremely well with Engineering to create well organized and concise documentation. She possesses a genuine interest in technology and will go the additional mile to research and implement the most effective solution.

Vicki is quite organized. This is evident in her ability to work in parallel on a number of different assignments; in the clear presentation of information, whether on a web site or within a document; and in her status reports which are detailed to a fault but organized clearly and precisely.

...we are just now making the changes you suggested. Previously, we were impressed with the way you caught things on our website, yet we are FLOORED by your skills with these edits. YOU ARE A PHENOMENAL EDITOR!!!! Not only do you spot the grammatical errors, you catch the [subject-related] mistakes. ...

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