I've written and published the following articles


  • My review of Fetch was published in MacTech Magazine (vol 19, issue 04).

  • My review of SpamAssassin was published in MacTech Magazine (vol 19, issue 06).

  • My review of the annual O'Reilly Emerging technologies conference (April. 2002) was published in MacTech Magazine (vol 19, issue 06).

  • A book review, "What's on Your Bookshelf", was published in MacTech Magazine (vol 19, issue 09).


  • My review of the first annual O'Reilly Mac OS X conference (Oct. 2002) was published in MacTech Magazine (vol 18, issue 11).


    During most of this year, I was employed in Apple's Developer Technical Publications group. I had neither time (nor, sadly, the inclination) to write anything for external publication. Internally, I was responsible for two books:
      Inside Mac OS X: I/O Kit Fundamentals (co-author)
      Inside Mac OS X: Kernel Environment (author) (PDF)
    Note: Apple no longer gives individuals credit for work on internal publications.


  • UNIX and Open Source

    • Open Source Convention: The 3rd Annual Perl Conference was, this year, part of the first annual O'Reilley Open Source Convention

    • Usenix: I attended and reviewed the 1999 USENIX Annual Conference for SunWorld Online (unfortunately, SunWorld is no longer Online :-(.

  • Perl

  • Web

    • August, 1999:
    Rich Morin and I co-authored a tutorial on Server-Side Includes for MacTech Magazine (Vol 15., issue 8)

  • Macintosh

  • Palm:
      I reviewed some of the softare I liked for my Palm III.

    • Spring, 1999: My review of ListMaker 1.6 was published in issue 2.1 of Tap! Magazine. This is a paper periodical (heavens!) but you can download e-Tap to read on your Palm Pilot ($2.99 or free to subscribers) from Peanut Press.

    • My review of MagicText for Palm OS appears in the April issue of PalmPower Magazine.

    1997 - 1998

  • September, 1998: I wrote up my overview of the 2nd annual O'Reilly Perl Conference under my own byline, for SunWorld Online.

  • Jan/Feb. 1998: When I bought an HP 320LX handheld PC (running WindowsCE), I wanted to connect it to the Macintosh. I wrote up the experience and it was published in Handheld PC Magazine as Connecting to the World: H/PC to Mac

  • I co-authored a few of Rich Morin's I/Opener columns for SunExpert Magazine. These included a report on the 1997 First Annual O'Reilly Perl Conference, and an article on Scripting Languages.

  • May, 1997, Linux Journal published my article on MkLinux, Linux? On the Macintosh? With Mach?. You can read this article on Apple's MkLinux site.