Vicki is a talented writer, a detailed editor, and a thorough tester. It is unusual to find someone who has the technical background as a programmer, who enjoys testing and documenting. Vicki has a particular talent here...

Intranet Content Management

Information Architecture, Proofreading,
Editing, and Revision

Is your internal documentation well-organized, up to date, and navigable? Are your documents up to date, reflecting your current processes and procedures? Can you find needed documents quickly and easily?

Can new employees easily locate the guidelines, conventions, and SOPs they need to get up to speed in a timely manner? Does your team have guidelines, conventions, and SOPs to follow?

Do you have an identified librarian who keeps your Intranet pages under control? If you use a wiki, does your team suffer from wiki anarchy? (Just because everyone can create content, doesn't mean that everyone should.)

I Can Provide

  • Content: Writing, editing, review
  • Information Architecture: organization & navigability
  • Wiki Consulting: Best Practices & applications (TWiki and Foswiki)
  • Training
  • Administrative and User support

Are you interested?

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