[Vicki] solves problems in a way that meets peoples' needs, and works with them to provide tools that enable them to do their work well.
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Tools for

Philtres (Filters): The mental processes we use when we interpret the world...

Philtre (n.) A potion credited with magical power to transform...

Filter (n.)

  • (Chemistry) A device that is designed to block certain objects or substances while letting others through.

  • (Optics) A device to remove, or to enhance, certain ranges of wavelengths (of light).

  • (Computing) A program that processes a data stream.

  • (Communication) Internal and external factors that influence how a message is perceived and interpreted.

Synonyms: analyze, clarify, distill, explore, refine, sift, ...

Consulting Services

Psychological Type & Temperament -- Presentations or Workshops for Technical Teams and Individuals...

Content Management -- Technical Content Editing, Revision, Organization, and Writing

Enterprise Wiki Support -- Best Practices, Organization, Training, Q&A...


Effective Social Media -- Navigating uncharted waters...

Teaching and Tutoring -- Elementary, Middle School, and High School